About US

We believe in quality

Mediair Pharma is the name of professionally experienced enthusiastic and dedicated Sales and Marketing team supported by a Rapid Distribution network.

Mediair Pharma is constantly striving to supply our customers with the best in service, reliability, and of course the finest quality injectable solutions.

Mediair pharma has been a supplier of generic injectable products since 2009. Since then it has gained a deserved reputation for delivering quality, consistency, and reliability throughout its operations. Furthermore, a commitment to continuous struggle means that Mediair Pharma is able to bring innovative new generic injectable products to the Pakistan market on a regular basis. The strength of Mediair pharma lies in providing a very reliable supply of parenteral medicines for hospitals and physicians under the controlled cold chain.

Mediair Pharma prides itself on its close working relationships with healthcare professionals, particularly pharmacists, whose advice is essential to the future of Mediair Pharma. The sterile injections supplied by Mediair pharma are manufactured in Pakistan by Gmbh standard companies in accordance with marketing authorizations by the manufacturers. Mediair pharma is one of the growing parenteral pharmaceutical suppliers in Pakistan. Mediair has been successfully marketing parenteral medicines for hospitals and doctors for 2 years and it enjoys the reputation of an established marketing company.

What is the relationship between Mediair Pharma and Hds, Welwrd Pharma & Ophth Pharma (Pvt) Ltd ?

Mediair Pharma became the (corporate) promoters of selective products manufactured and imported by the above mentioned companies over 2 years. This gave Mediair pharma direct and integrated access to a high quality product portfolio and extremely reliable product supply.