Our Business Profile

We are not intended to do only business but devotion.We are creating our future with a pair of wings, Marketing and Distribution wings:

Marketing Wing

Mediair Pharma has been establishing its promotional network especially in the areas of Anaesthesiology, Oncology. The Price economy definitely matters in third world countries but the quality can't be ignored particularly where the life is at risk. This task is seriously taken by Mediair, resulted in increasing the hospital business share day by day.

The upcoming addition of advanced Anaesthetics, Solution for CRBSI and Hot sterilization products of Multinational companies in our current marketing wing has been foresighted to fulfill our commitment to the medical profession..

Distribution Wing

Worthwhile distribution network has been working for various Multinational and National Pharmaceuticals Products for big Institutions Bulk and Trade Supplies, Semi Government Hospitals, Army Institutions Tenders, Annual Rates Contracts and private hospitals as well.